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Welcome to Blue Storm Basketball!

 Welcome to the home of St. Joseph's CYM Blue Storm Basketball

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Enjoy the weekend games

Enjoy the games.  Volunteers needed for Clock and Book at Auten Road on Saturday.



by Bill G. posted 12/09/2017
Philosophy and Mission

This league is a ministry and outreach of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Metuchen. The main objective of this league is to offer young people the opportunity to play, grow, and develop in a healthy and competitive environment within this basketball league.

Each player, parent, coach, and team is to perform honorably and respectfully, striving to glorify God through conscientious development and use of the talents and gifts with which they have been blessed. The philosophy of this league is to build the kingdom of God among us one player and one game at a time. In this league we are all called to set a positive example for all of our young people.

by posted 12/06/2015
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